Anyone, who is interested in improving his or her memory. But the minimum Age is 9 Years..

These are ancient techniques. In our daily life also we use some techniques, knowingly and unknowingly. But once we know the proper methods and techniques then we can make maximum use of them according to our requirements resulting in better retention & recollection.

With the help of memory techniques students can memorize history dates, difficult terms, biological diagrams, geography maps, periodic table, long answers etc.

Not only this but they will be able to retain things for a longer period of time & will be able to recollect the answers perfectly.

Though the student will be able to apply these techniques from the very beginning of the workshop however it is expected from the student to attend all the sessions & spend at least 15 minutes daily in practicing these techniques for the next 20 days.

Initially it might take some extra time but if a child practices the same for 20 days for 15 minutes daily then he will be able to save time & energy both. His retention & recollection power will be much more than any other student who doesn’t know these techniques.

Yes, In fact many of my students are “National Memory Record Holders”. Dr. Tushar Chetwani was awarded by “India Book of Records” for having most number of students with National Memory Records.

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