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"Memory Infinite" is a total brain development organization, Headed by Dr. Tushar Chetwani – The Best Memory Trainer Awardee of India & Author of National Bestseller Memory Infinite & Exams Decoded Book.

He has been awarded by “India Book of Records” for having most number of students as National Memory Record Holders. He has also received Award of Appreciation from Mr. Le Tran Traung Ann – Chief Editor of "Vietnam Book of Records"

Dr. Chetwani is a Memory Expert & specializes in "Mnemonics".

He has been conducting workshops all across India for the past 11 Years wherein he trains students of Class 5 & above as to how to have proper coordination between Memory, Mind & Body & how to use both sides of the brain in optimum manner

His workshop enables students to Memorize Long Answers, Short Answers, Essays, History Dates, English Vocabulary, Geography Maps, Technical Terms, Biological Names, General Knowledge, Periodic Table, Numbers and practically all that a student needs to memorize and beyond.

He believes that exams are basically test of one’s Memory and Retention Power. In our current education system the students are under a constant pressure and anxiety to memorize their syllabus which seems vast. Often concerned educationist pondered over issues like the child’s school bag being heavier than his own weight. From early childhood, children are put to tuition and rote learning, all this just for achieving one objective – success in exams, which is actually a factor of good memory. Let’s move away from this vicious circle to the virtuous circle of Memory Improvement Program!

'Good Memory, Good Results is a universal truth. "Memory Improvement Program" opens new vistas of memory in the students’ brains and they are able to memorize their syllabus easily.

This training program is for people interested in improving their memory…

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